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Proud Supporters of the West Epping Cricket Club

West Epping Cricket Club

We are delighted to share some fabulous news about a new venture we’ve embarked on here at Epping Family Dental – a thrilling partnership with our local champions, the West Epping Cricket Club. Just like us, they’ve recently had quite a few victories (premierships to be exact), demonstrating their passion, resilience and the strength of our local community.Just as the West Epping Cricket Club is committed to excellence on the field, we are just as committed to ensuring that our patients leave with their best smiles. And as part of this new sponsorship, we want to invite you to celebrate both their success and ours.

But let’s swing a little to the past before we move forward. Included in this email is a photo that might strike a humorous chord. It’s a snapshot from 1995 featuring a rather little, unwilling cricketing prodigy who would go on to swap his bat for a dentist’s drill. Yes, that’s our head dentist, Dr. Jeremy Lung, looking like he’d much rather be anywhere else than on that cricket field!

Fortunately for all of us, today, Dr. Lung enjoys dentistry far more than he did his cricket game. His earlier encounters with the sport may not have sparked joy, but dentistry clearly did. Our commitment to building a strong community partnership and fostering involvement goes beyond the dental office, and much like our young cricket prodigy, we’re diving headfirst into an adventure-filled season of local cricket.

We are grateful for your continued trust and support in Epping Family Dental. Let’s look forward to an exciting cricket season filled with laughter, camaraderie and victorious smiles!


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