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Dr Jos Laramie

Child of the Tundra: Destiny’s Intervention

Dr Jos Laramie, DDS, is much more than your ordinary dentist. Hailing from the crisp, frosty beauty of Northern Canada, he embarked on a life-shaping journey that led him from the majestic Arctic Circle to the vibrant heart of Sydney, where he dedicated himself to the noble practice of dentistry.

Born a child of the tundra, Dr Laramie discovered his passion for oral health quite by accident. Raised in a humble household, where labour was a part of life, a move with his mother sparked his interest in dentistry when he was a mere child. This newfound curiosity steered him to a path untaken, a life beyond the predictable.

Even while studying biomedical science, it was dentistry that lingered in his heart. The turning point? A breath-taking sojourn in the land Down Under, which inspired him to embrace Australia as his new home and finally heed his calling.

Our cherished Dr Laramie is proud to say he graduated with honours from the prestigious University of Sydney in 2011. Today, he is an esteemed dentist known for his expertise in implant and cosmetic dentistry, transforming lives one smile at a time.

Dr Laramie continually strives for excellence. His dedication to learning about the latest dental techniques and incorporating innovative technologies into his practice sets him apart. He remains committed to providing the highest quality, evidence-based dentistry, and creates a stress-free space for patients by working closely with anaesthetists.


His greatest reward? Seeing that restored smile, that newly found confidence in his patients, knowing that he is living his dream and impacting lives every day.

But his journey doesn’t stop there. Our intrepid dentist is also a family man, delighting in the joys of parenthood with his wife and their baby son. He is also a passionate photographer, captivated by the arresting wildlife and vibrant city life of Sydney. His love for learning and evolvement doesn’t cease at his dental practice; it transcends into his personal life, making him the extraordinary individual he is today.

Thus, Dr Jos Laramie is not just a dentist, but a hero to his patients and an inspiration to many. His never-ending quest for knowledge, a thirst for innovation, and his commitment to his patients makes him an indomitable force in the world of dentistry.

Allow us to introduce you to our very own – Dr. Jos Laramie. A man who understands the power of a smile, and the journey behind it.



Dr. Jos Laramie | (02) 9868 6288