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Passionate About Giving Back to Those in Need

At Epping Family Dental, our dentists are passionate about helping others achieve a happy, healthy smile. Over the years, Dr Jeremy Lung (Dentist) has impacted hundreds of patients’ smiles through the Youth With a Mission (YWAM) association’s dental services ship. The vessel travels to Papua New Guinea (PNG) to provide dental care to those who do not have access to it on a regular basis. Other healthcare professionals on board the ship include a medical team as well as an ophthalmology team to help with vision concerns.
Dentist Epping, Jeremy Lung

A Desire to Help Others

Dr Jeremy was introduced to YWAM through his Bible college training. Once he had completed his dental schooling in 2012, he was approached to see if he’d like to attend the next medical ship to Papua New Guinea. Ever since he has tried to make the trip each year! Dr Jeremy even met his wife Meg on board in 2014 during one of his journeys. The two continue to serve the PNG area every chance they get.

On board the ship, Dr Jeremy travels for a couple of weeks at a time. During this period, dentists on board have a chance to visit remote islanders who may be dealing with a range of oral health issues—from life-threatening to minor problems. Dr Jeremy truly enjoys helping the people he meets on his journey; his passion for providing exceptional dental care is able to shine through.

Some Highlights From Our 2018 May Trip

On some days during the mission trip, Dr Jeremy sent his team and all of their instruments on land to care for patients. He, Meg and the team spent several days in logging camps, providing dental care to village residents who worked at the camps along with their wives and children. Many fillings and extractions were performed. The team also provided care in local health outposts, setting up portable dental chairs to accommodate patients.

On the days Dr Jeremy and his staff performed dental work on the ship, boatmen would transport patients back and forth from land to the ship, where they would be cared for. “On the ship, we had a lot more capacity to do fillings and extractions,” he said.

Pain No More

One particularly memorable patient was a young mother, who appeared to be in her mid-twenties; she had two severely decayed teeth. Dr Jeremy extracted the two back teeth that were causing her problems. The pain had been so excruciating that, for eight years, the woman had trouble sleeping. Dr Jeremy asked her to come back to fill some other teeth to avoid repeating the same problems that she had with the two teeth. To help her keep her smile healthy, she also was given a toothbrush. “Although we had run out of toothpaste and toothbrushes, my wife had a spare new toothbrush and was able to give it to the woman,” said Dr. Jeremy.

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