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Dental Implants

Straumann BLT 3.3 x 10

Tooth 21 e.max on ti-base

Shaded and made with the patient in the chair to get the colours just right!

This was his response (Google review):


“Just had an implant and crowned very happy my friend had the same done overseas and u can tell that his tooth is not real where as mine u can’t the the colour of the tooth is perfect and the spacing is perfect that it looks natural…”



IMG_8322 IMG_8327IMG_8334


Straumann BLT 4.1 x 10

Tooth 24 e.max on ti-base

pre-op     6 weeks post insertion

Straumann 3.3 x 10 BLT

Bone grafted with Bio-Oss and Cytoplast Collagen membrane

Tooth 12 with e.max on ti-base

IMG_7352    IMG_8065

Straumann 4.1 x 8 BLT x 2

Tooth 23, 24 with e.max on ti-base

IMG_7517    IMG_7523-2


Straumann 4.8 x 8 BLT

Tooth 16 with e.max on ti-base

Edentulous 16 site     X-ray showing good implant

8 weeks post-op   Case complete

Straumann BLT 4.8 x 8

Tooth 25 with e.max on ti-base

New PFM crown on 26

16 Old crown removed   e.max implant crown on Straumann Variobase   Completed case with new crown 16 and implant 15